The story behind Hans Felthaus

Hans Felthaus was born in 1954 in Struer Hans Felthaus has worked with art for many years. Hans has worked in granite, steel, iron, and most recently in bronze. Over the years made sculptures in the public space as well as non figurative sculptures, female sculptures and not least the fun and quirky ostriches for which he has become known throughout the country. He sells his ostriches at exhibitions and from several galleries scattered around the country.

A journalist once wrote, "His you invented the golden egg" – and that was true, since these ostriches have become very popular. His can continue to sell all the ones it must be and has difficulty keeping up with the "claim" of the galleries. In 2012, Hans chose to quit his previous job to become a full-time artist. It was a good in that. This has given him more time to develop the bronze sculptures, so there is now a large range of ostriches ranging from the long-legged ostriches of about 80 cm to the tiny ostriches made of quail eggs. All the ostriches are made into real, untreated eggs. The eggs there at the moment. used are ostrich eggs, emu eggs (greenish eggs from the Australian ostrich), chicken eggs, quail eggs.

Finally, Hans also makes "The Egg". "The egg" is an ostrich egg that is sawn out as Arne Jacobsen's chair Egg and in the chair sits a very proud, and relaxed ostrich with the legs crossed.

All the eggs are filled with some cement-like mass in which he has insized his legs and head respectively. The casting process begins with him forming the ostrich head and neck into cheese wax. This is then moulded into a gypsum mixture and burned into a ceramic oven. Then the bronze bar is melted into a crucible and the liquid bronze is now poured into the mold. Then the shape is broken and the bronze head is sicelered. Finally, the sculpture as described above is assembled.

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