Alcohol Ink paintings

Here you will find colorful unika Alcohol Ink paintings for the home. Many different abstract and strong colorful paintings on paper in frames and pas-partout that you can choose for yourself.  See more. As well as several Alkoholk Ink paintings in the webshop. They are available in different sizes in both A4-A3 and A5. I also do ordering work so you have a desire in several dimensions so please contact me at

  • Joyride

    4.100,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - Joyride.  50 x 70 cm. In   black frame with white passepartout.

  • Reef

    4.100,00 DKK
  • Joy - paintings by Charlotte Tønder


    4.100,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - Joy.  50 x 70. Beware partout and frame in glass.

  • Charlotte Toender - Circles


    4.100,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - Circles.  50 x 70. In frame.

  • Way In

    4.100,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - Circles.  50 x 70. In glass frame and pas partout.

  • Hope by Charlotte Toender


    2.500,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - Circles.  40 x 60 . In frame.

  • Alcohol Ink painting by Charlotte TønderSold

    A way in

    2.900,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink – 28 x 42 cm (A3) I frame.

  • The DoleSold

    The Dole

    4.100,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - The Dole.  50 x 70. In frame.

  • Work Charlotte Tønder

    Organic scene

    2.500,00 DKK

    Organic Scene 43 - 27 cm.

  • Paintings by Charlotte Tønder


    2.800,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink – 28 x 42 cm (A3) I frame.

  • Ocean

    Ocean in Motion

    2.800,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink - 28 x 42 cm (A3) In frame

  • Maleleri-Charlotte-ToenderSold


    2.800,00 DKK

    Alcohol Ink – 28 x 42 cm (A3) I frame.

Alcohol's surface tension is different from that of water, which is why the alcohol pushes to the water color (liquid acrylic or watercolor and produces some beautiful effects.
How well it succeeds depends in particular on the water color consistency that alcohol ink is dripped down on, i.e. how thick and how wet it is. Too wet, and the patterns disappear again because the alcohol evaporates and the water flows together. Too dry, and the alcohol can not push the color. Too thick layer, and the alcohol can not get far enough down the color layer.

You can do pushing effects with pure household alcohol. With Alcohol Ink, the same thing happens in principle – but there is a suit in the game.

Alcohol Ink paintings are a new medium for me with exciting possibilities. Alcohol ink is alcohol-based ink. It lends itself to painting on Yopo paper and much more.

All works are unique works. The process is special because the material (INK) mixes with Isoprofyl which is very scratchy and therefore i need to use mask or I must sit at open windows. So it sometimes makes the process very intense but exciting.

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