Gold and Feather Eggs

These ostriches are Hans Felthaus's elegant line in gold and bronze. Both the polished gold egg and the feather egg are found in 4 size. Some with hats and others without. They are bought while highly polished but over time patina occurs if desired.

Ostriches by Hans Felthaus .  For 6 years, Galleri Charlotte Tønder has sold these quirky sculptures. Visit the gallery in central Copenhagen K or explore our online gallery   where you can see a wide selection of the many unique sculptures.

Gallery Charlotte Tønder also always has a large selection available. Remember the online shop is open 24/7 and all sculptures can be purchased through this one. Fast delivery, typically ml. 1-3 days. Easy, safe, free and simple.

The eggs currently used are eggs from Ostrich, Emu, (greenish eggs from the Australian ostrich), Nandu, Chickens, Seagulls, Quail, Greenery, Dwarf Hen. Another elegant line in the ostrich series is ostriches of gold and bronze, with feathers and without. His Felthaus signature is "The Egg."   Which is an ostrich egg that is sawn out (in hand) like Arne Jacobsen's chair Egg. In the chair sits a very proud, and relaxed ostrich with the legs over crosses.

All the eggs are filled with cement, in which he has cast respectively. legs and head.

The casting process begins with the sculpture forming the ostrich head and neck into cheese wax. This is then moulded into a gypsum mixture and burned into a ceramic oven. Then the bronze bar is melted into a crucible and the liquid bronze is poured into the mold. Then the shape is broken and the bronze head is ciseled. Finally, the sculpture as described above is assembled.

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