Femme Le Greece

7.500,00 DKK

Bronze sculpture - Femme Le Greece - 23 cm high


Bronze sculpture Femme Le Greece

Bronze sculpture Femme Le Greece is made by a real artichoke by sculptor Charlotte Tønder.  The sculpture is ideal for the home as it has an edge with humour. Bronze sculpture Femme Le Greece   gives a quirky look with humour and twist. See more and more sculptures on the webshop.

The sculptures are found in artichoke, avokado, fever fruit, cauliflower, tomato and more.

Sculptures that bring joy and sculptures that will have a special meaning to the recipient and which may have an expression that tells something about the artist.

Bronze has a beautiful glow and is some of the best material in sculpture casting. The sculpture is very suitable both inside and out. When placed outdoors, the bronze will change over time and get the coveted greenish quinine, which is known from e.g. old copper roofs.


The procedure is according to CIRE PERDU.  A casting technique where the shape is lost when used First, both arms and legs are modeled in wax. The vegetable/fruit is then formed. Either peeled or other treatment that is eventually put together.

The ideal gift for everyone

The year brings many holidays, celebrations and memorable days and every celebration belongs to a unique gift. But a gift is not just a gift. Special, and something to rejoice in every day. And give a feeling of being the only one who owns it. See also more on my google website. Or sign up for my newsletter. There I will continuously tell both about my exhibitions but also what lies behind my art and sculptures in general.


I will continuously develop new series with sculptures within different vegetables and fruits but also over time seek more inspiration in nature. I am also very concerned about patinating the different sculptures and more colors will be included in my sculptures. Especially the irret patination concerns me, speeding up the process chemically instead of waiting for nature's walk.

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