Gallery in Copenhagen Charlotte Tønder

Gallery inspired by moods

Charlotte Tønder's paintings are inspired by themes, moods and contrasts. Especially in recent years Charlotte Tønder has entered the natural world, where you can sense the fury of the elements on the canvas. But when it comes to playing in earnest, the artist steps into a more figurative motif with strong color contrasts – where the expression is powerful and insistent. Please borrow a painting for inspiration. See more in the gallery in Copenhagen K. See more 

The important and the constant..

The constant of my life is art! For the last 25 years, my passion and focal point has been art. I am inspired by everything I encounter and experience on my way. Therefore, my images are often very different, because my mind is absolutely crucial to how the final subject will be. My clients are often surprised at how different my subjects can be, but I can't even imagine being confined to just one genre or form. I clearly see it as a strength in my creativity that I can move from the completely abstract to the more figurative and use the entire color palette. That's why you'll find a lot of different art on this page and in the art gallery in Copenhagen.

My pictures only take shape when I'm sitting at the canvas. It is typical of my workflow that I have a basic idea – a "basic motif"- from which I work. Next, I wipe out the "basic motif". The blurred motif makes a random mark, which I explore until I find my way into the subject.

I have taken painting courses both in San Francisco, where I have previously lived for several years as well as courses in Copenhagen. 


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