Bronze sculpture Monday

Bronze sculpture Monday

24 cm h & 11 cm w

1, 8 kg



Bronze sculpture Monday

Bronze sculpture Monday with sneakers. Down is made from an avocado and sand molded. He has the most beautiful, slightly mournful expression and was therefore named Monday. Which can be a difficult day to start. I think he has a quirky look with humor, twist and edge and is ideal for beautifying the home.

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. The sculptures are available in Artichoke, Avocado, Feverfew, Cauliflower, Tomato and more.

Bronze has a beautiful glow and is one of the finest materials in sculpture casting. The sculpture is very suitable both indoors and outdoors. When placed outdoors, the bronze will change over time and take on the coveted greenish patina that is known from, for example, old copper roofs.


Casting bronze is a lot of work, but I love it.

Via the link here you can watch my video where you get a small insight into the considerable work involved in casting bronze using the cire perdue (lost wax) method. Most of my sculptures are created using this process, but a few are created using another method called the sand casting method.

In the video, you’ll see all the exciting processes from start to finish, from shaping the model into a sculpture with wax to the final process of sanding the bronze.

The cire perdue process is a casting technique where the mold is lost during application. First, both arms and legs are modeled in wax. The vegetable/fruit is then shaped, which is either peeled, cut or otherwise processed. Finally, the wax parts and the vegetables/fruits are put together. For 24 hours to 6 days, the mold is then placed in an oven at 600 degrees until the original model has burned/molten away. Then, the red-hot bronze is poured into the cavity left behind where the parts were. This is just the beginning. This is followed by a laborious and time-consuming process of filing, sanding, polishing and so on.


I will continuously develop new series of sculptures with different vegetables and fruits, but also seek more inspiration from nature over time. I am also very interested in patinating the different sculptures and more colors will be included in my sculptures. I’m particularly interested in the angry patination; accelerating the process chemically instead of waiting for nature to take its course.

The bronze sculpture is the ideal gift for everyone

The year brings many holidays, celebrations and memorable days and with every celebration comes a unique gift, but a gift is not just a gift. A bronze sculpture is something special and something you can enjoy every day.

Sculptures bring joy. Perhaps the individual sculpture has an expression that says something about the recipient, giving it a special and personal meaning for the recipient.

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